Research Course 2021
Research Course 2021


Topics : 


• MASRI Molecular Network : MASRI &USA , MASRI &China , MASRI & Zewail, MASRI & others

• Epigenetic Mechanisms Across Scales: from molecules to environment and evolution

• Transposable Elements and Epigenome Evolution • Programming Future Generations

• Epigenetic mechanisms governing cell differentiation and cancer processes .

• Integrative Single-Cell Chromatin and Transcriptome Profiling Uncovers Cell-Type Specific Regulatory Interactions .

• Targeting Cancer Epigenome: strategies for prevention and treatment .

• Molecular Biology and Medicine: A Primer for the Clinician .

• Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS): Stimulating the Next Generation of Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment

• Tumor Microenvironment Immune Diversity Revealed by Single-Cell Sequencing

• Cancer as a Tissue Anomaly: Classifying Tumor Transcriptomes Based Only on Healthy Data

• Oncogenomics: prospects for the future.

• DNA Nanotechnology for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

• Evaluation of droplet digital PCR and next generation sequencing for characterizing DNA reference material for KRAS mutation detection

• High-Throughput Droplet Digital PCR System for Absolute Quantitation of DNA Copy Number



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