Radiology Course 2021
Radiology Course 2021



Breast Imaging from the Clinician’s Viewpoint

- The Role of Breast Imaging Radiologist in the Multidisciplinary Team

- Role of imaging in breast cancer staging

- Nodal Staging of Breast Cancer

- Diagnostic work-up of breast symptoms

- Diagnostic work-up of the symptomatic male

- Post breast cancer surveillance protocols

- Appropriate reporting and documenting scan and images

- Breast Cancer in young

- Molecular subtypes of breast cancer

- Expanding role of imaging in neoadjuvant therapy of breast cancer.

- Imaging - pathologic correlation in some common breast lesions.

  Pearls and Pitfalls in Breast Imaging

- Sono-mammography morphology descriptors of benign and malignant breast lesions.


- MRI morphology descriptors of malignant breast lesions

- Diagnostic pitfalls in breast ultrasound.

- Benign cancer mimics

- Missed breast carcinoma: why and how to avoid?

- Tomosynthesis: Controversies and advances

- CESM and MRI: which is right for whom? Pelvic Imaging

- PET-CT in female gynecologic malignancies

- Diffusion weighted Imaging in uterine malignancies

- MRI in imaging Uterine malignancy

- Algorithmic Approach to Characterisation of ovarian masses on MRI

- Imaging of advanced ovarian cancer

- Imaging of placental mass lesions

- Fertility sparing surgery in patients with gynaecological tumours



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