Pathology Course 2021
Pathology Course 2021



Breast Pathology Topics:

- Updated WHO Classification (2019) of Breast Tumors.

- DCIS Reporting, An Update.

- Lobular Neoplasia, Uncommon Entities and Florid LCIS.

- Challenges of Her2 interpretation in Breast Cancer.

- Slide Seminar of Challenging Breast Cases.

GYN Pathology Topics:

- Cervical Cytology –The UK Experience of Liquid Based Cytology and HPV Primary Screening.

- Liquid Based Cytology & Histology in The Cervical Screening Programme.

- Peritoneal Fluid Cytology – Challenges and Pitfalls

- Interpretation and Core Biopsies with Immunohistochemistry in Gynaecological Malignancy.

- Slide Session of Diagnostically Challenging GYN cases.

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