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Dear Colleagues


  • Welcome to the BGICC 2021 the 13th breast- Gynecological & Immunooncology International Cancer Conference, the largest and most prestigious cancer conference in Africa and the Middle East.

  • I invite you all to attend the rich content lectures and participate in the workshop and courses, the conference will be held on 21 and 22 January 2021 in Cairo, Egypt.
  • We are gathering all the efforts to build a very strong Multidisciplinary Clinical and Translational Research for the Middle East through our Society BGICS to build a strong base for Egypt, Middle East and Africa in attempt to educate young doctors and medical staff and setting an up to date guidelines.


  • In the 13th BGICC,21-22 January,2021. We are aiming to set a new bar and reach to the future with our continuous effort as we strongly believe that “Cancer is a disease not a Death Sentence”, through holding Multidisciplinary sessions, workshops as well as some consensus sessions focusing the light on the main points of Debate and there is no doubt that your participation will definitely help us to fulfill this aim.
  •  The 12th BGICC was a great success with more than 3000 attendees from Egypt, Middle East and all over the world and with a very successful consensus sessions and acted as “a vibrant and growing Center for the Middle East and a bridge for Oncologists, Radiologists, Pathologists and Surgical Oncologists and all the professionals that participated in Our Multidisciplinary Approach to Cross over to the future in our attempt to find a cure in collaborations with very high caliber societies as (Sitc , ESO, UICC, ASCO, ESTRO, ESSO, APCA, ROAM, BSI, MASRI, ESGO, ESOI, SIOG, BCNET).



BGICC 2021

"Challenging The Impossible"



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