Prof. Wu Jiong
Prof. Wu Jiong

•    Vice President Chinese Anticancer Association Specialty Branch of Breast Cancer surgery .
•    His research interest is gene signature in breast cancer prognosis and prediction. As a breast surgeon, Dr. Wu focuses on breast cancer conservative surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and onco-plastic surgery involving immediate breast reconstruction, partial breast reconstruction. 
•    Dr. Wu has authored and co-authored 60 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals.
•    Awards:
-Jan, 2000&2007&2009 : Shanghai, Bureau of Health, “New Star of Medicine”Award.
               -  2003-2005: Shanghai, Bureau of Health Award, A mathematical model predicting breast cancer risk. P.I.  RMB 30,000.
•    2009-2011: Shanghai Scientific Committee International Cooperation Project(09410704800). Breast cancer molecular subtype study in China and Italy.  P.I.  RMB 150,000.
•    RESEARCH EXPERIENCe: 2013-2016
Chinese Natural Science Foundation(81272924).Effect of miR-621 expression and gene regulation in predicting the response of breast cancer neoadjuvant therapy. P.I. RMB 700,000.

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