Prof. Roberto Orecchia
Prof. Roberto Orecchia

•    Professor of Radiation Oncology University of Milan – Italy. Mr. Head of the Residency Program of Radiation Oncology University of Milan Italy. Head of the Faculty for Radiology Technician - University of Milan - Italy. Chairman of the Department of Radiation oncology European Institute of Oncology Milan – Italy. 
•    The Scientific Director of the CNAO Foundation (Italian Centre for Hadrotherapy) Pavia – Italy.
•    President of Italian Association of Radiation Oncology. 
•    Board Member of ESTRO (European Association of Radiotherapy). He serves as a Member of International Scientific Advisory Board at Istituto Europeo di Oncologia s.r.l.
•     Lead Independent Director of SAES Getters SpA and has been its Independent Non Executive Director since April 21, 2009. 
•    Board Member of LUVI Foundation for research and palliative care (in collaboration with the Floriani Foundation). He serves as a Honorary Member of GLAC/RO (Latin-American Group of Oncologic Radiotherapy) and Associate Professor of La Plata University of Argentina.
•    Vice President and Scientific Director of the TERA Foundation. Mr. Orecchia serves as the President of the International Society of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (ISIORT). 
•    More than 300 publications on review (207 reviewed on Pub Med) national and international, chapters and books and other teaching materials on the following arguments: integration between radiotherapy and medicine or drugs, hyperthermia, brachytherapy and recently, high precision radiotherapy techniques (radiotherapy in 3D-conformal, stereotactic, intraoperative, IMRT).
•     His Main interests are: breast cancer, prostate cancer and head and neck cancer. He coordinate an international project involving 20 European countries funded by the European Community for more than 8 million euro (the ULICE Project). 

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