Prof. Ebtesam Ahmed
Prof. Ebtesam Ahmed

•    Clinical Professor for the Department of Clinical Health Professions, St. John's University New York, USA.
•    Director of the Pharmacy Internship for the MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care. 
•    She is a frequent speaker at major academic medical centers and medical conferences about various pain-related topics to physicians, pharmacists, and other health care providers.
•     She teaches extensively in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum on pain management, palliative care, hospice, and end-of-life. 
•    She has authored many book chapters and peer-reviewed articles on pain management. 
•    Journal Articles
 (2014). Principles of opioid use in cancer pain.
 (2013). Adjuvant Analgesics in Management of Cancer- Related Neuropathic Pain.
             Cancer Pain and Pain in HIV /AIDS".
             Cancer Pain Management, Opioid Side Effects, Endocrine Changes and Sexual Dysfunction".

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