Prof. Bojana Djordjevic
Prof. Bojana Djordjevic

•    a gynecologic pathologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in the department of Anatomic Pathology and an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. 
•    She holds fellowships in gynecologic pathology and cancer biomarkers from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
•    She is interested in discovery of prognostic and predictive markers in gynecologic pathology, and their validation and adaptation for use in clinical laboratories. Her areas of work include biomarker development in the endometrium (PTEN and mismatch repair proteins/Lynch Syndrome), ovarian mucinous tumors and mucinous metastases to ovary (SATB2 and GREB) and ovarian epithelial tumors (BRCA1 and 2).
•    She is the author of several publications in the American Journal of Pathology and Modern Pathology, eight book chapters and numerous abstracts. 
•    She received the Jesse H. Jones Fellowship Award from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in 2010 and is the 2013 recipient of the prestigious Stephen F. Vogel Award from the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology. 
•    Her creative professional activities have centered around dissemination of knowledge of gynecological pathology through national and international education initiatives including a highly popular USCAP short course on endometrial biopsies. Djordjevic serves on several expert panels and has changed practice through development of guidelines and reporting standards.

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