Hani Gabra
Hani Gabra

•    Professor of Medical Oncology at Imperial College London. Chief Physician Scientist and Vice President, Clinical Discovery Unit at AstraZeneca in Cambridge, UK.
•    Professor of Medical Oncology at Imperial College London and Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, based at the Hammersmith Campus of Imperial College. He is also visiting Professor of Personalized Cancer Medicine at the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers at the University of Bergen in Norway.
•    Until May 2017 he was: Head of the Molecular Therapeutics Unit, Deputy Head of the Division of Cancer and Director of the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre at Imperial College, and at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust -he was also Head of Medical Oncology and Chair of the Cancer Research Committee - he was also Associate Director and Lead of the Cancer Division (Division 1) of the NIHR Clinical Research Network for North West London.
•    His laboratory is involved in trying to understand the role of tumour suppressor genes in ovarian cancer, particularly how OPCML regulates networks of receptor tyrosine kinases and how WWOX acts to regulate taxane sensitivity.
•    His clinical / translational interests relate to the understanding of platinum resistance in ovarian cancer, and he has developed several molecular targets whose inhibition can reverse platinum resistance from laboratory to clinic; such targets include AKT, MTOR, HDAC4, STAT1 and the Folate Receptors.
•    He was on the Editorial Boards of several journals including Gynecologic Oncology and the European Journal of Cancer.

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