Scientific Research Course
Scientific Research Course



- Microfluidic Innovations : Molecular Biology On A Microfluidic Chip

. - Nanoparticles : Development of DNA Nanotechnology and uses In Molecular Medicine Diagnosis & Research

- Targeted Gene Sequencing : Targeting Key Genes In Oncomineoncology

- Enabling cancer Research And Treatment With Droplet - - Based Digital PCR Technology (The Rare Becomes Routine).

- The Power Of Two : Pharmacogenomics & Next

- Generatiom Sequencing In molecular Personalized Medicine

- Cancer Exome Sequencing: Assessing Tumor Heterogeneity And Emergence Mutations

- Road Map To Epitranscriptomics (RNA World&Dynamics).

- Epigenetics and Environmental Origins of cancer : Fundamentals and beyond- Bio bank best practice

- Biobank security and data managment

- Biobank standars

- Biobank quality control

- Ethical issues

- Data management

- Data security

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