Radiology Course
Radiology Course



Topics : 

Breast Imaging from the Clinician’s View-point

- The Role of Breast Imaging Radiologist in the Multidisciplinary Team.

- What do clinicians need to know about breast mass lesions? (size, site , number, skin attach, nipple infilt, pectoral muscle).

- Ultrasound tumor lymph Node staging and management.

- Diagnostic Strategy of axillary lymphnodes in breast cancer patients. (pathological or no, biopsy or no, matted, supra and infraclavnodes).

- Diagnostic work up of symptomatic patients.

- Contrast Mammography and Dynamic MRI: which is right for who?.

Pearls and Pitfalls in Breast Imaging

- Skills to minimize the call-back rate for normal/benign findings at mammographic screening.

- Sono-mammography morphology descriptors of benign and malignant breast lesions.

- The missed breast carcinoma: why and how to avoid?

- Diagnostic pitfalls in breast ultrasound.

- Strategies to reduce false positives in screening mammography

- Imaging the post surgical breast: sound and mal practice.

- Benign cancer mimics.

- Implementing DBT in Your Practice.

- Molecular Breast Imaging: where does it fit in?

- Artificial Intelligence: What does it mean for us?

- Breast Cancer in Young; a diagnostic challenge

Pelvic Imaging

- Non-neoplastic disorders of the ovary and adnexae.

- MRI in Endometriosis.

- Ovarian Benign/Borderline/Malignant.

- Fibroid or leiomyosarcoma?.

- Multimodality imaging in Advanced Ovarian Cancer.

- Imaging of the normal an abnormal endometrium.

- Role of diffusion weighted imaging in uterine and cervical carcinomas.

- How Does Imaging Direct Management in Patients with Cervical Cancer?

- Pitfalls of diffusion-weighted imaging of gynecologic malignancies.

- Pelvic Applications of Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Images.

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