Radiology Course
Radiology Course




Best Practice Breast Imaging Guidelines: from screening to post breast cancer surveillance:

• Risk – based screening protocols • Work up of palpable breast lump

• Imaging approach to breast lesions in young patients

• Best practice guidelines in the management of mastitis: when to re-assure, when to follow up and when to interfere?

• Best practice guidelines in the management of nipple discharge

• Managing women with dense breasts

• Role of new Imaging modalities in the diagnostic work up of symptomatic patients

• Best practice for Interventional breast procedures.

• The diagnostic dilemma of managing axillary nodes

• Imaging in the setting of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy

• Calcifications made easy.

Specific breast cancer subtypes:

• Lobular carcinoma; imaging features.

• Spectrum of Imaging Findings in Paget’s Disease of the Breast

• Multimodality approach in the diagnosis of DCIS

• Managing BIRADS 3 lesions

• Imaging Bio markers of breast cancer. • Spectrum of disease in the male breast

Pelvic Imaging:

• PET CT; to do or not to do • Ultrasound guided HIFU treatment of leiomyomas; Egyptian experience.

• Gestational trophoblastic disease

• Role of diffusion in the diagnosis and staging of uterine and cervical carcinomas


• Rising stars Competition

• Unusual Breast Cancers • Improve your breast cancer screening skills

• Case- based review: meet the experts.

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