Pathology Course
Pathology Course


Topic :

Breast Pathology Topics:

-Evaluation of Breast Core Biopsies: A pattern based approach.

- Breast Pathology: Diagnosing from basics

- Critical Practice gaps in Breast Pathology :A case -based discussion

- How to approach special types of breast of breast carcinomas on core biopsy samples.

- Radio-pathologic correlation of different breast lesions.

-Neoadjuvant therapy for breast carcinomas: Challenges for pathologists and clinical implications.

- PD-L1 expression in breast cancer and immunotherapy.

GYN pathology Topics:

-An approach to endometrial biopsy interpretation.

- The differential diagnosis of a “fibroid”.

-An update on ovarian tumors.

- Molecular classification of endometrial carcinomas.

-Prognostic aspect of Uterine Carcinosarcoma.

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