Topics :

• Updates on Immunotherapy for TNBC

• Which patient do benefit ? how to select?

• Markers of response and resistance to PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibition in  

 solid tumor subtypes - lessons for breast cancer

• The role of immunotherapy HER2 MBC

• Mechanisms of chemotherapy induced increased immune response

• Combination strategies of immunotherapy in Breast Cancer

• Immunotherapy strategies for luminal breast cancer

• Optimizing immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in ovarian cancer

• Achievements and present development in lung cancer

• Mining the microbiomes for biomarkers in cancer immune therapy

• Biomarker development in lung cancer combination therapy space

• Standard chemotherapy: A synergy with IO?

• Radiotherapy to enhance Immunotherapy

• Chemotherapy combos in NSCLC

• Immunotherapy combos in NSCLC

• Immunotherapy in Locally advanced NSCLC

• Immunotherapy and HCC





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