Abstracts 2009

1- Breast & Gyncological Cancer Registry In Egypt.
2- Triple Negative Breast Cancer
3- Partial Breast Irradiation. Is An Intraoperative Approach Possible?
4- Potential Effect of Robust & Simple IMRT Approach For Left Sided Breast Cancer on Cardiac Mortality
5- Discussing Prognosis: What Do Cancer Patients Want To Know?
6- Post Operative Adjuvant Treatment Of Endometrial Cancer.
7- A New French Gynaecological Applicator: How To Improve Dose Distribution For Uterine Cervix
8- Treatment Of Recurrent Cancer Of The Ovary
9- Cancer Chemotherapy With Pregnancy.
10- Taxanes In Adjuvant Setting In Breast Cancer.
11- Inflammatory Breast Cancer: A distinct Clinico-Pathological Entity.
12- The Role Of MRI (MRM) In Breast Imaging.
13- Cinicopathological Evaluation Of Pelvic And Para-aortic Lymphadenectomy In Gynecologic Malignancy.
14- Phase II Study Of intraperitoneal Cisplatin In The Management Of Malignant Ascites.
15- The Need For Palliative Care In Egypt.
16- Principles Of Cancer Pain Management.
17- Difficult Pain Scenarios In Gynecological Malignancies.
18- The Diagnostic Role oO Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology In Management of Breast Lesions.
19-Current And Future Perspectives On Cancer Stem Cell.
20- Dilemma Of HER2 Testing In The Middle East. Are We Jeopardizing The Patient’s Outcome?
21- Targeted Therapies In Breast Cancer: What Progress Have We Made or Is It Still Target Practice.
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