Call for Abstract

In collaboration with Tumori Journal ,the BGICC scientific committee extended abstract submission deadline extended to 10th of December 2017 midnight 

Guidelines for abstracts submission

Please read carefully before submission as abstracts that do not follow the criteria will not be reviewed

1- Abstracts must be supplied as a word file in their final order.
2- It is not possible to reorder them once they have been processed.
3- Abstracts will NOT undergo copy-edi/ng or style edi/ng.
4- The submitting person will receive email confirmation of receive.
5- Each abstract must not exceed 350 words and must be structured as follows: TITLE IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS Authors list, with Surname and Initials (Smith GH), affiliations identified with superscripts (e.g. Smith GH1) Affiliations for each author, as Department, Hospital/University, City, and Country.
6- Abstract, structure should be in the following format (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions).
7- No figures, tables and references will be accepted.
8- You should indicate the Presenting author (usually it is underlined).
9- Example for an abstract.

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