Call for Abstract

- Abstracts Submission IS NOW OPEN for the  10th BGIICC,2018
Deadline for abstract submission 1 st December, 2017

Guidelines for abstracts submissiona

Please read carefully before submission as abstracts that do not follow the criteria will not be reviewed

1- Abstracts must be supplied as a word file in their final order.
2- It is not possible to reorder them once they have been processed.
3- Abstracts will NOT undergo copy-edi/ng or style edi/ng.
4- The submitting person will receive email confirmation of receive.
5- Each abstract must not exceed 350 words and must be structured as follows: TITLE IN BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS Authors list, with Surname and Initials (Smith GH), affiliations identified with superscripts (e.g. Smith GH1) Affiliations for each author, as Department, Hospital/University, City, and Country.
6- Abstract, structure should be in the following format (Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions).
7- No figures, tables and references will be accepted.
8- You should indicate the Presenting author (usually it is underlined).
9- Example for an abstract.

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